Executive Board


Aniska Chikhalya

Aniska is a PhD candidate in the Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Department. She works in Dr. Patrick Hearing’s lab, where she is interested in developing novel therapeutics to treat diseases. When she is not in lab, she likes to dance, bake, travel, and read a good book.


Alyssa Liguori
Vice President

Alyssa is a PhD candidate in the Department of Ecology and Evolution. She studies how different populations of marine invertebrates acclimate and adapt to environmental stressors such as rapidly changing seawater temperature and pH. Alyssa is from Long Island and conducts her research in the San Juan Islands, where she loves to run, birdwatch, and explore tidepools.


Alison McCarthy

Ali is a PhD student in the Materials Science and Chemical Engineering Department. She is a member of the Takeuchi Research Group, which focuses on battery chemistry research and technology. When she has the time, she enjoys reading, practicing yoga, and eating cannolis. She currently is a chapter liaison for She’s the First, where she works with campus chapters to further girl’s education in low income countries.


Guadalupe Barrios

M. Guadalupe is a PhD student in the Physics and Astronomy Department. Her research is in astrophysics with an emphasis in computational hydrodynamics. She is originally from Guatemala and enjoys meeting people, swimming, and taking part in outreach activities.


Sonali Gera

Sonali is a PhD candidate in the Physics and Astronomy Department, where she works in experimental Quantum Information. She enjoys reading about history and politics, and she loves to travel and shop.


Emma Mumper
Event Coordinator

Emma is a PhD student in the Clinical Psychology Department. She studies risk factors that contribute to the etiology of psychopathology. She also works with psychophysiological measures to study developmental trajectories of reward systems. Emma enjoys traveling with friends, and she also loves swimming, skiing, and painting.


Caitlyn Cardetti
Event Coordinator

Caitlyn is a PhD student in Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology. She is studying RNA processing within the mitochondria to better understand the feedback mechanisms between transcription and translation. Outside of lab, she enjoys running, watching hockey, and being involved with science communication. She is a volunteer with Science Advocacy Long Island and the administrator of a neuroscience rotational curation on Twitter called @Neurotweeps. In the past, she’s been involved in science outreach through Pint of ScienceTaste of Science, and New York Academy of Sciences.


Vertika Vaid
Technical Coordinator

Vertika is a Masters candidate in the Computer Science Department. She is a member of Compas lab, working with Prof. Mike Ferdman on driver and kernel development of Smart Network Interface Card. His interest lies in software systems and algorithm development. She loves dancing, playing volleyball, and solving math puzzles.


Nicolette Sipperly
Technical Coordinator

Nicolette is a PhD student in the department of Ecology and Evolution. She works with plant genetics, genomics, and phylogeography to understand plant adaptation and distribution on a global scale.  She enjoys traveling and spending time in alpine environments doing plant collections and field work. Although she has many interests outside of science, she is most passionate about exploring art and food.


Mikaela Dunkin
Website and Blog Administrator

Mikaela has a bachelor’s degree in both Physics and Biochemistry and is currently a PhD candidate in in the Materials Science and Chemical Engineering Department. She is a member of the Takeuchi Research Group and her work involves battery research and development. Originally from Iowa, she enjoys horseback riding, reading, and acroyoga.


Shruti Iyer
WISE Mentorship Coordinator 

Shruti has a Bachelors in Genetic Engineering and a Masters in Molecular Biology and Human Genetics. She is currently pursuing her doctoral research in the McCombie Lab at the Cold Spring Harbor Genome Center, where she uses Next-Gen sequencing technologies to gain insight into complex human diseases. She loves to travel, writes short stories and poetry, enjoys the theatre, and is a major foodie!


Sharmila Duppala
External Affairs and Outreach

Sharmila is a Master’s student in the Computer Science Department. She works with Prof. Rezaul Chowdhury in Theoretical Computer Science and is interested in Algorithms and Optimization. She loves to play tennis, badminton, and is an ardent fan of Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Saina Nehwal. She also has keen interest in Math, History, and Cognitive Psychology.